It's About Following Jesus

In the late 60’s a group of students at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville were inspired with a vision for a new kind of church. This band of friends believed that God had given them a vision for doing something spectacular in the name of Christ. In 1977, the group, with fewer than 30 worshippers began meeting in a home in Little Rock, and on August 21 of the same year, Fellowship Bible Church held its first official service at Little Rock’s Anthony School. In the 1980’s, services moved to the Pulaski Academy gymnasium and again to a local movie theatre. Then in 1985, Fellowship built its own worship center and by the mid-90’s five free standing buildings formed the church.

In 2004 Fellowship launched its Benton campus and expanded again in 2007 with the addition of new campuses in Little Rock and Cabot.

But in the end, the campus and its building are just tools for discipleship. We are much more excited about expanding the true temple of God which are His people, than we are buildings of brick and mortar. Our passion is to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the city and world, and that can never take place behind the walls of a building.