Benton Campus Partners

The CALL of Saline and Perry Counties

Think about this for a second. In Saline and Perry Counties, 109 churches are meeting regularly. In these same counties, 84 children, on average, spend time in foster care each day due to abuse or neglect. On average, there are only 73 families available to care for these children. The foster care system is in desperate need of families to step up and respond to the Call to care for the orphan and work towards a home for every child.

The Work of The CALL of Saline and Perry Counties
In conjunction with the statewide organization known as The CALL of Arkansas, this organization works to train up families to take children waiting for foster families or adoptive parents. Through partnerships with the Department of Children and Family services — The CALL recruits, trains, and supports new families to serve the children in the system. This past year the Call of Saline and Perry Counties opened The Call Home, which is used as a neutral, off-site visitation center for birth parents to spend time with their biological children instead of having to meet at the DCFS office. In addition to this new venture, this team is busy working towards growing their influence in Perry County and building new relationships with churches throughout their district.

Get Involved
Have you considered adoption or fostering? If so, The Call is the place to get all your questions answered. They are ready and willing to answer your questions about navigating the process of serving waiting children. The Call of Saline and Perry Counties has a specific need for extra funds to cover the cost of their annual retreat, which offers continuing education and support to foster and adoptive families. There is also a great need for deeper engagement in Perry County. If you have any connections to churches, potential foster families, and business leaders in the Perry County area, please let us know.

Julia DesCarpentrie is the point of contact. You can reach her at 501-574-2364 or Check out their website at

New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center

The transition to motherhood can be a challenging experience, even for those who planned their pregnancy for quite some time. Imagine being a young woman who experiences an unplanned pregnancy and the shock that would come as you try to sort out the right steps to take. The idea of raising a child is incredibly overwhelming, and for some mothers, the first step to take is finding someone to listen and walk them through the initial shock. In these tough situations, the New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center comes in to help.

The Work of New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center
Serving more than 4,000 central Arkansas families a year — the New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center is there to provide immediate and long-term support to mothers who need a listening ear and a helping hand. They offer pregnancy services such as testing, life skills courses, and bible studies that prepare new mothers for a lifetime of successful parenting. Also, NBPRC provides post-abortion care for women who decide to terminate their pregnancy. These courses help women deal with the emotional strain of having an abortion and provide hope in the neverending grace of Jesus Christ. New mothers are also offered basic baby care necessities to get them started in the care of their newborn.

Get Involved
There are many opportunities to volunteer with New Beginnings. Leaders for life skills classes, mentors for new mothers, and bible study leaders are always needed. There are also opportunities to be trained to provide post-abortive services. New Beginnings also accept donations of new baby items such as diaper bags, diapers, clothing, etc.

For more information, contact Kim Puska at 501-860-1331 or You can also view

Alexander Community Center

It doesn’t matter where you look in the great state of Arkansas. You will find people in desperate need of food, shelter, and hope. Poverty is a wicked, cyclical phenomenon that affects people across racial, political, and religious lines. It is a problem that can happen while driving through towns across our state and Terry Harper saw the devastation up close as he worked as a bus driver in the Alexander area. Seeing the living conditions of the people in his community stirred his heart to take action.

The Work of Alexander Community Center
After Terry responded to the call to serve those in need, he helped to open the Alexander Community Center as a place for those who need a helping hand and a hot meal. Since its inception four years ago, the center has served over 35,000 meals to children and adults throughout the Alexander area. Each week, children and adults can come in four days a week to receive hot meals and get a brief respite from the stresses of living in poverty. This past year, the center began offering a GED program to build into the education of adults. Breaking the cycle of poverty is hard work, but Terry and the multiple volunteers are working towards that goal.

Get Involved
Alexander Community Center needs volunteers throughout the week helping to prepare and serve meals. D-Groups could easily sponsor a meal and volunteer together to serve on a monthly basis. There are also opportunities to help with children-focused activities throughout the school year. Long-term volunteers are especially needed to build relationships with repeat clients. More in-depth interactions and connections are crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty.

You can reach Terry Harper at 501-590-8007 or by email at

Chapel Ridge Apartments

More often than not, the Gospel spreads through relationship. We all know the command to “Love thy neighbor,” but we often forget to start with the people right next door.  Sometimes, God strategically places His people next to and around communities for this very reason, and the Benton Campus is fortunate to be located right down the road from the community of Chapel Ridge Apartments.

The Work at Chapel Ridge Apartments
For the past several years, the Benton Campus has done extensive ministries with the residents that have brought about fantastic life-change. Our first connection with Chapel Ridge is the annual Family Fest event held each Fall. Every year, we host our family-friendly Halloween event on the apartment campus where Fellowship and Chapel Ridge families interact and enjoy time together. In the summer, we host Backyard Bible Club at the playground of Chapel Ridge. The Club is a four-day outreach that includes Bible stories, crafts, and games. During this time, biblical storying lays out the Gospel plan, as we share with children that get to be a part of a welcoming, loving environment. We not only serve the residents through programs, but we also seek to meet the needs of those on the property. Often, we hear of the physical needs of the residents that we try to attend. Whether it’s furniture, clothing or other help, we want to help meet their needs and let them know that Jesus and Fellowship Bible Church loves them.

Get Involved
There is always a need for Fellowship families to get involved during the Family Fest event, but more support is needed during the Backyard Bible Club as well. We also encourage you to think about keeping your gently used furniture and clothing until a need arises for us to bless the families in the complex.  Please let us know what items you have, and we can let you know when there is a need.

For more information on how to get involved at Chapel Ridge Apartments, reach out to the church at

Hurricane Creek Elementary

No government institution has a more significant impact on society than the local school.  Day after day, teachers and administrators work tirelessly to educate and inform students to be the next generation of leaders around the world.  Many times, the connection between the church and state can be rocky at best, so when an opportunity presents itself for the local church to serve the local school, we must be ready to answer the call.

The Work at Hurricane Creek Elementary
Through the encouragement of the administration and teachers of Hurricane Creek elementary, there has been over a decade partnership between the school and Fellowship.  The first step into our partnership with the school is our Daddy & Daughter Ball.  This annual event is full of fun, laughter and meaningful moments with little girls and their fathers or father-figures.  Girls are treated like princesses as they enter the ball and enjoy food, having photos taken and getting to dance.  A highlight of the evening is the dads and father-figures sit down with the girls to affirm their love for them and to speak words of encouragement into the lives of these precious girls. This partnership with the school also led to the Epic Afterschool Program.  Epic works with kids who need a little extra help in their studies.  Students get to sit down with a volunteer to go through their weekly assignments and practice skills like reading and math.  After this time, Epic kids learn about God’s Word and the Gospel.  Through Epic Dinners, kids and their parents talk about what they’ve learned and then enjoy connections with Fellowship families, as we develop relationships together.

Get Involved
Men and women are needed to help with the planning and preparation of the Daddy & Daughter Ball each year, and extra help is needed on the night of the event.  We also need steady volunteers to assist with the EPIC Afterschool Program.  It meets at Fellowship Benton, and this is especially great for kids that attend Hurricane Creek to serve alongside you.

For more information on how to get involved at Hurricane Creek Elementary, reach out to the church at

Cabot Campus Partners

Westside Elementary

Elementary schools are meant to be a place for young children to learn their letters, basic math, and gain valuable social skills to aid in their long-term future. For some children, the elementary school serves an even higher purpose. It is the place where they can count on a hot lunch, a caring ear to listen to their problems, and a brief respite from the stresses of living in daily poverty. By partnering with a local church, the elementary school can also become a place to experience God’s people.

The Work at Westside Elementary
When a local church walks into a school and says, “We’re here to help!” You can count on great things happening. This exchange occurred between Fellowship Cabot and Westside Elementary. This partnership has grown to include two primary focuses: a school store and a mentoring program. Children can earn reward dollars through acts of kindness, completing school assignments, and perfect attendance. These reward dollars can be spent on toiletry items, gifts, and essential clothing. The mentoring program was introduced to allow Fellowship members to engage with students during the recess or lunch hour to provide support for students who need extra encouragement or help.

Get Involved
The school store is always in need of new items to be donated.  Items such as socks and underwear, toiletry items, snacks, etc. are significant incentives for the students. Mentors are also needed to volunteer an hour a week at the Westside Elementary Campus. Teachers decide which students need a mentor and the school works to pair you up as needed. As the program grows, Fellowship is looking to expand to other schools, so please pray about how you might help with the expansion.

Rick Friday for more information. He can be reached at or 501-941-4919. You can also request info through the Fellowship Cabot Facebook Page.


The teen years are some of the most exciting, yet challenging years of a child’s life. From building new relationships to studying new subjects to finding your place in this world, being a teenager is a tough road to travel. Some kids feel like they are navigating this road alone and are in desperate need of a guiding voice and a steady presence. Teenagers will look for this stability in a variety of settings, so it is crucial that a healthy path is available to them.

The Work of E3
If there is one thing teens love to do, it’s to eat! E3’s Lunch Club meets regularly to Engage, Empower, and Equip teens using the E3 High Five methodology. Through games and object lessons, students learn safety, commitment, respect, responsibility, and right thinking/encouragement. E3 meets at Cabot Middle School South, Cabot Junior High North, and Cabot Junior High South. Students ranging from 5th-8th grade participate in the program, and there is a push to expand the program to the high school level.

Get Involved In a remarkable show of support, many of Fellowship Cabot’s junior high students are already involved in the E3 experience, and all students who attend an E3 school are encouraged to join in. A new student-led lunch program will start on the 9th-grade campus with support from the E3 team, and former E3 club members are needed to lead this effort. As E3 expands its offerings, it will need volunteers as mentors, guest speakers, and enrichment class teachers.

Reach out to Amy Hill at for more info. You can also reach her at 501-590-0441.

First C.A.R.E.

Meeting the physical and spiritual need of the hungry, indigent, transient, and those with other specific needs in the community and church.

Get Involved
The only qualifications necessary for volunteers are a passion for people, a commitment to serve, and a willingness to share your testimony. Our volunteers greet clients, interview clients to determine the best way to meet their need, sort and display clothing and other donations, and sort and bag food donations and purchases.

404 W. Olive St, Cabot, AR, Monday-Thursday, 9am-2pm

Hope’s Closet

Living in poverty is a hard and stressful experience. For some people, poverty is a generational experience that has carried over from childhood into their adult life. Others experience poverty for the first time as an adult after an accident or life circumstances that prevent them from holding steady employment.  Sometimes life presents a series of unfortunate events that keep families from escaping the grips of financial insecurity, homelessness, and hunger. While there are many programs available to those in need of assistance, the local church has always been at the center of offering hope, resources, and counsel to those in need.

The Work of Hope’s Closet
After starting Hope’s Closet out of her garage, Kimberly Buchberger experienced the call to grow her ministry to those living in need. After a series of great blessings, Hope’s Closet moved into a permanent building and began offering new services. Today, Hope’s Closet serves close to 2,000 people a month. They provide clothing, housewares, furniture, food, toys, and toiletry items to families throughout Lonoke County.  Their drive-thru kitchen offers hot meals every other Thursday night, and during November, Boxes of Hope are distributed to provide Thanksgiving meals.

Get Involved
Hope’s Closet is always in need of volunteers to help run the food and clothing bank on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as well as participate in preparation for fundraising and holiday events. There is a pressing need for a bigger facility to house the growing ministry as well as more financial resources to help expand Hope’s Closet.

You can reach Kimberly at or 501-628-7173.

Options Pregnancy Center

You stare down at the pregnancy test, and your body goes into a state of shock. You can’t believe you tested positive and your mind is filled with thousands of “what if’s.” the thought of caring for a child is overwhelming, and you are afraid, alone, and desperate to find help. Many women experience these feelings every day and have to choose the future of their unborn child. We all know that sadly, abortion is a choice that many want to make without seeking other alternatives. For others, finding support regarding their decision is a delicate and emotional process.

The Work of Options Pregnancy Center
From the moment a new mother calls to get assistance, the team at Options Pregnancy Center welcomes them into a supportive and caring environment. Through initial intake meetings, mothers are presented with multiple options for providing the best opportunity for their babies. Mothers can see ultrasound images and hear their baby’s heartbeat. Mothers that choose to keep their child are given opportunities to take classes on raising children and are provided with necessities such as clothing, diaper bags, and other baby items. Mentors offer ongoing support after the birth of the child, and there are even programs in place for the fathers to learn from different fathers. Options Pregnancy Center has locations in Cabot, Jacksonville, Beebe, and are working towards a mobile unit.

Get Involved
The greatest need right now is for committed mentors who are willing to engage with new mothers and fathers after the birth of their children. There is also a need for teachers to lead life skills courses and volunteers to run and manage the baby store.

Reach out to Vicki Parker at for more info. You can reach her at 501-743-5120. Check out their website at

The CALL of Lonoke and Prarie Counties

Think about this for a second. In Lonoke and Prairie Counties,  117 churches meet regularly. In these same counties, 83 children, on average, spend time in foster care each day due to abuse or neglect. On average, there are only 51 families available to care for these children. The foster care system is in desperate need of families to step up and respond to the Call to care for the orphan and work towards a home for every child.

The Work of The CALL of Lonoke and Prairie Counties
In conjunction with the statewide organization known as The CALL of Arkansas, this organization works to train up families to take in children waiting for foster families or adoptive parents. Through partnerships with the Department of Children and Family Services, The CALL recruits, trains, and supports new families to serve the children in the system. Just this last year, the CALL of Lonoke and Prairie Counties grew to more than 60 families and are working towards an even larger pool of families who are ready to serve at a moments notice. They offer info meetings and training events as well as operate a CALL Mall that provides material goods to families with specific needs.

Get Involved
Have you ever considered adoption or fostering? If so, The Call is the place to get all your questions answered. They are ready and willing to answer your questions about navigating the process of serving children who are waiting. The Call of Lonoke and Prairie Counties has a specific need for a permanent location to house their ministry. Currently operating out of a home and two storage units, this ministry would love to have a permanent place to call home. Volunteers are also needed to help plan events, organize the Call Mall, train families, and serve as church liaisons.

Niki Bolton is the point of contact, and she can be reached at 501-286-9321 or Check out their website at

West Little Rock Campus Partners

AR Kids Read

The future of any state’s economy rests on the preparedness of future generations to take the lead. Unfortunately, the K-12 education system in central Arkansas is in a place of crisis with seven out of 10 fourth graders reading at or below grade level. Approximately 65 percent of these students will drop out of high school, end up on welfare or enter the prison population if there are not decisive corrective actions taken.  Does the church have a role to play? Is there a way forward?

The Work of AR Kids Read
Founded in 2012, AR Kids Read has been working across central Arkansas school districts to prepare children for a life of literacy. Children make the switch from learning to read to reading to learn around third grade. This crucial transition is vital to the long-term earning potential, employability, and social stability necessary for successfully navigating adulthood. Through partnerships with teachers, administrators, and school districts, AR Kids Read provides reliable mentors for students in need of extra assistance in reaching their literacy goals. Their ultimate goal is to help kids learn to tap into the unique opportunities that reading grants them in their immediate and long-term future.

Get Involved
What does literacy have to do with the Gospel? Well, what good is the Bible to a child who can’t read it? The Gospel tells us to love our neighbor and what better way to love little children than giving them a gift that will help them for the rest of their life: the gift of literacy. In just one hour a week, you can make a permanent difference in the life of a child. AR Kids Read will provide you with initial and ongoing training to help you get started in the process. They have a vast network of 48 schools, so you will quickly find a convenient location at which to begin your mentoring relationship. This program is an excellent opportunity for men and women who work for companies that encourage volunteerism. It is also perfect for stay-at-home mothers and fathers who have some flexibility during the school day.

For more information, reach out to Charlie Conklin, Executive Director, at 501-244-2661

International Friendship Outreach

Imagine moving to a foreign country, stepping off the plane, and staring out across the horizon of your new home. You have no relatives to greet you, no friends to take you to dinner, and no car to get you to your destination. You are excited, afraid, nervous, and hopeful. But mostly, you are alone.  For hundreds of international students, this is the exact situation they face when they come to Central Arkansas to study at one of our colleges or universities. Who will greet them? Who will take them in? Who will welcome them to their new home?

The Work of IFO
Through partnerships with various colleges and universities around central Arkansas, IFO provides opportunities for Christians to connect with international students from countries all across the globe. They assist students with their initial arrival to the US and then offer opportunities throughout their stay for building community, practicing their English language skills, and enjoying the wonderful traditions and holidays of America.

Get Involved
There are so many opportunities to serve with the team from IFO. You could find yourself enjoying dinner with a young man from China at one of the monthly conversation club gatherings. You could pick up two students from India from the airport and take them for a quick trip to Walmart to purchase some school supplies. You may host a young woman from Nigeria who needs a place to sleep for three nights before her dorm room opens for the semester. You may have a group of students from Rwanda joins you for their first American Thanksgiving! No matter how you get involved, you have the opportunity to make the first impression of America filled with the love of Christ. For some students, you may be the first and only Christian witness they have ever encountered. What an amazing opportunity!

For more information, visit

Home Away From Home

When a cancer diagnosis changes a life, sometimes the only thing that remains the same is the familiarity of home. For many patients with Multiple Myeloma, even the comfort of home is stripped away due to the necessity of traveling for treatment. Treatment can often last for months at a time, which can lead to financial strain, unfamiliar living conditions, and a great sense of loneliness. Hotels and hospitals aren’t the same as being home.

The Work of Home Away from Home
Little Rock is home to one of the top Multiple Myeloma institutes in the country. This means that families are uprooting and moving to our great city to receive treatment and hopefully make a full recovery. Home Away from Home exists to make the transition as welcoming and hopeful as possible. By providing affordable, beautiful, and well-maintained housing, Home Away from Home relieves some of the logistical stress of finding safe, affordable housing for patients in their time of need. Not only that, the ministry provides meals, cleaning, words of encouragement, and genuine biblical hospitality throughout the patient’s stay.

Get Involved
There are so many ways to serve through Home Away from Home, and it’s an excellent opportunity for your D-Group to serve together. Nothing says welcome home like a home-cooked meal. You can prepare meals or desserts for families as a way to welcome them to Little Rock. Your kids can write encouraging words and prayers for healing and restoration. If you’re a handyman, you could offer to do minor repairs as time permits.  Some patients need transportation to and from appointments, or for a quick trip to the supermarket. Other patients are very open to having visitors or Bible studies in their apartments while they are here for treatment.  No matter how you serve, you are showing Christ’s love to people in a place of significant vulnerability. They are alone in a new place, and although we can’t give them their home, we can help them feel at home.

Contact  For more information, contact Kim Burket, Coordinator, at 501-530-0095,

Immerse Arkansas

Tonight, a 19-year-old young man will lay his head down on the couch of a friend. It will be the third couch he’s slept on this week. After aging out of the foster care system, this young man entered into a new reality of homelessness and social isolation. He lacks the resources necessary to hold a job, pay rent, or provide for himself. He is alone. He is afraid. He is hopeless. How did this happen? How did he get to this point?

The Work of Immerse Arkansas
The foster care system is complicated, and for many children, especially those who do not get placed into a permanent home at a young age, they lose access to support after their 18th birthday. Immerse Arkansas saw this gap in the social services field and felt the call to do something. Each day, Immerse Arkansas strives to serve youth (ages 16-22) in crisis situations including those who are runaways, homeless, trafficked, or sexually exploited. They provide safe, permanent housing as well as necessary supports, counseling, opportunities for connection and relationship with loving and supportive mentors and friends. They are also seeking to address the problem of failed fostering situations by providing support to foster families through their Immerse Families initiative.

Get Involved
Immerse Arkansas provides excellent training for all its volunteer opportunities, so don’t be afraid to dive right in. There are opportunities to serve food at the weekly gathering where you can meet and interact with youth and staff. You can serve as a mentor for young men and women, providing ongoing support to youth in crisis. Unique mentoring relationships are available for women who are willing to mentor young mothers who are having children for the first time. There are also a wide variety of administrative tasks such as sorting clothing or household goods, filing paperwork, or providing assistance at special events. Youth in crisis have unique, complex needs, so be prepared to be challenged but amazed at the work God is doing at Immerse.

Find out more at, Eric Gilmore, Director, 501-404-9890,

Family Promise

Families experiencing homelessness face a unique challenge. Many of the local shelters that are available to meet their needs are not set up to keep the family unit together, so mothers and their children are separated from their husbands and fathers. Although this separation is intended to be a temporary inconvenience, the separation creates its own set of issues leading to an increased struggle in an already stressful situation. A challenge like this calls for a unique solution.

The Work of Family Promise
Family Promise of Pulaski County provides the only option in the county for families to stay together by offering a shelter without a permanent building. Through partnerships with local churches, Family Promise provides temporary housing within the walls of the church, providing living space that accommodates up to four families at a time to stay for up to one week. Families move from church to church as they search for permanent housing and 70 percent of families find permanent residence within three months.  Families are also provided with free childcare during the day so they can work, search for jobs, or get help with life skill development.

Get Involved
Starting in the summer of 2019, we will host four weeks of the Family Promise Program. You will have the opportunity to serve in one of three ways. First, we need families who are willing to stay overnight in the church with our guests. This is an excellent way for families with children to serve together. You will be responsible for hosting our guests from 5:00 PM-8:00 AM on the days/nights you are available. We also need people to volunteer to provide dinners for our guests (breakfast and lunch are grab and go style). You or your D-Group could make a meal or cater the dinner, and we encourage you to plan on eating together and visiting with the families that are staying at the church. You can volunteer for either role on a nightly basis or for the whole week.  Look for more info as we get closer to the summer!

Reach out to Terri White at, 501-224-7171.

Additional Partners

City Connections

Connecting the local church with other nonprofits and government entities to meet the needs of the community.

Get Involved
We need business professionals who can connect their expertise to one of the 300+ non-profits we serve.

Jo Wilson Myrick, Operation Restore, at,  Anthony Hampton, City Connections


Existing to strengthen and elevate discipleship in the local church by equipping men and women to make disciples.

Get Involved
Join an Institute from August to May where Believers of all ages and backgrounds get equipped in Bible and Disciple-Making [Little Rock, Conway, or Little Rock Español]. You can also join Emerging Leaders. In addition to completing the institute, these recent college grads and young professionals develop community and focus intensely on organizing their lives for kingdom impact in their sphere of influence.

Danny Hinton, Executive Director 501-613-7847,

Fellowship Associates

Existing to train leaders to establish gospel-centered, community influencing, and as a church planting churches.

Get Involved
Pray for our leadership team as we train new leaders. Choose a church planter to pray for and follow their journey. Visit a Fellowship Associates Church plant when you travel. Take a group of men through 33 The Series.

Ann Blair, Church Planting Residency 501-975-5050,, Rick Caldwell, Manhood Resources 501-975-5050,

Kingdom Quilters

Providing handmade lap quilts and encouragement to those in need.

CityChurch Network of Arkansas

Uniting, strengthening, and mobilizing the local church by providing opportunities for prayer, leadership development, and strategic church initiatives.

Get Involved
Opportunities are available to serve at prayer and leadership events such as the Global Leadership Summit. Also, there are opportunities to assist with administrative support.

Ray Williams 501-804-1205.

Search Ministries

Creating comfortable venues in and around the marketplace for seekers and skeptics to engage in meaningful conversation about the big questions of life and God.

Get Involved
Sign up for Apologetics Training & Equipping Class, attend our monthly Leadership Network Meeting, and participate in an outreach event by bringing a seeking or skeptical friend.

Randy Likens, Area Director 501-766-0115,

I Can! of Arkansas

Dedicated to enriching the lives of children with special needs with a wide array of extracurricular activities including dance, art, music, culinary skills and tumbling.

Get Involved
Be a buddy and assist students in our art, dance, music and cooking classes (great for anyone third grade and up). 45 min-1 hour, once a week for 4-10 weeks. You can also help at one of our fundraisers and special events.

Julie Mayberry 501-888-4140

Bethany Christian Services

Demonstrating the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of vulnerable children and families through quality social services.

Get Involved
Serve as a direct volunteer through administrative and board service any day of the week. You can also serve as a non-direct volunteer Monday through Friday helping clients with cleaning, food prep, and event assistance. Bethany Christian Services also needs casual volunteers for clerical work on an as-needed basis.

Veronica Smith, Director 501-664-5729

The CALL Pulaski County

The CALL mobilizes the Church in Arkansas to love foster children with the extravagant love of Christ through fostering, adoption, respite care, mentoring, and other support ministries.
Get Involved
We are always looking for people willing to serve as foster or adoptive parents. You can also provide respite care, provide help with meals, babysit, transport Fellowship foster families, mentor a teen, train foster/adopt families, advocate, volunteer in a DCFS office, join the bedside angel for foster children at AR Children’s Hospital, and volunteer at events at the CALL Mall. Come to a CALL Info Meeting in your county. Go to to find out more.
Tiffany Davault at, Julia DesCarpentrie, Niki Bolton Lonoke

Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center

Assisting women and their families who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, and offering Godly solutions to their challenging situations.

Get Involved
Hold a diaper drive or organize a baby shower to collect much-needed items for women in crisis. We also have opportunities to facilitate Bible studies with the mothers and are always looking for client advocates to advise and offer support to young men and women in unplanned situations.

Kay Ericson, Client Service Coordinator 501-753-4038


Advocating for orphan children as they navigate the complex foster care system.

Get Involved
We are looking for advocates who can represent the best interest of the children at the doctor, in courtrooms, at the school, and anywhere they are unable to advocate for themselves. Advocates must be over the age of 21, pass criminal and central registry background checks and complete a 30-hour training program. You can coordinate volunteer time with your schedule, except for court days. Average time spent working a case is approximately 10-15 hours per month.

Delyce Palik, Director 501-676-6533

Project Zero

One goal: to have zero kids waiting in foster care to be adopted.

Get Involved
We host several events throughout the year and are always looking for hands to assist. If you have a unique talent or passion, you can serve by teaching children these skills. We also need drivers to transport waiting children to events in the city.

Christie Erwin, Executive Director, Cara Schaefer, Administrative, Assistant/Heart Gallery Coordinator,

The Exodus Project

Discipleship Academy for pre-release inmates from Arkansas Community Corrections.

Get Involved
Help by being an instructor or mentor to inmates in the program or visit graduates in prison. You can also participate in our missional community by serving as employment liaisons or internship supervisor.

Paul Stevens, Director

Pathway to Freedom

Spreading the Gospel to inmates of Wrightsville Correctional Unit, through an 18 months pre-release program and training, and up to 12 months post-release. Re-Entry assistance.

Get Involved
Receive training to serve inside the prison as teachers, small group facilitators, or mentors. Church groups can also volunteer for our Prime Time service on Wednesday evenings as scheduled. The Executive Director may even plan special volunteer events. A volunteer who is trained to serve as a mentor to a PTF member who was released may meet with the member on the day and time they schedule.

Mary Mealler, Office Administrator 501-897-0764

Our Kids Program

The Our Kids program encourages African American men and African American police officers to work closely together in mentoring African American males, 12-18 years of age.

Get Involved
Pray for more African American men to answer the call of mentoring in their communities. We also need more business owners willing to provide jobs for at-risk youth.

Sgt. Willie Davis 501-351-4161, Officer Carl Turner 501-350-3556.

Step Ministries

Step Ministries seeks to foster intentional, one-on-one mentoring relationships between Christian men and women and children in need.

Get Involved
We are always looking for new mentors willing to meet with children once a week. In addition to the yearlong opportunities of mentoring, STEP hosts a Summer Literacy Camp for two weeks in August, focused on one-to-one tutoring and academic achievement.

Jamey Henderson at