Adam Sauer

Pastor of Family Ministries

Adam Sauer

office: 501-224-7171

Life Story

Growing up I had no concept of God. In fact, the idea that there was a creator who intimately loved me and passionately pursued me seemed somewhat ridiculous. Because for me, life was about living in the “moment.” Life was about doing anything and everything that would make me happy. During the first couple years of college, this incessant desire to find “happiness” was overwhelming. I remember moving from one “fun” thing to the next, hoping and clinging to the idea that perhaps the happiness that the moment offered would last. But as always, regardless of what it was, it never lasted… it always left me empty.

It was during this time of emptiness that I met a woman named Kristin. Something about her was different. She had something that I did not. Something that looking back, I would now describe as the presence of Christ.

Kristin and her faithful prayers were the human instruments that God used to draw me closer to Him. With her, I attended church for the first time and instantly, immediately, realized that everything in life that I was searching for would never be found outside of Him who created me. I went back to my apartment that Sunday and gave my life to Him. He rescued me and captivated my heart, and I immediately fell in love.

After a year of dating, Kristin and I got married and had the opportunity to start a youth ministry at a church plant in the Oklahoma City area. We served there for three years while I completed my Bachelor’s degree in International Law from the University of Central Oklahoma. After graduation, Kristin and I felt God leading us to a transition. We ended up moving to a small town just outside of Akron, Ohio where we worked at a mid-sized non-denominational church while I worked on my Master’s of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary. During our time in Ohio God blessed us with our first son, Emerson.

In 2011 we moved to Little Rock to be on staff at Fellowship Bible Church where I currently serve as the Lead Student Pastor for Fellowship’s Student Ministries department. In 2013 I completed a Master’s of Nonprofit Leadership degree and we welcomed our second son, Micah, into our family.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship Bible Church is that we would be a community of people who are truly enamored with the unending, eternal grace of God in such a way that our lives are marked by a deep, intimate love for Him and others as we engage in the calling to see “His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.”