Andrew DeClue


Andrew DeClue

office: 501-224-7171

Life Story

Church has always been a big part of my life. My grandpa preached when I was little, my uncle pastored a church, and there have always been deacons and great servants of the body within my family. I was baptized when I was 11, but three years later I found myself at a church camp, under conviction and wondering what was going on inside of my chest. The truth is, I hadn’t invited Christ in. I hadn’t asked him to change my life. Someone walked me through Scripture, and Romans 3:23 clicked with me. I’d fallen short, and I needed more than just being good or being at church each Sunday, or being baptized to fix that ache in my chest. I needed Jesus. And he found me that night.

In the years that followed through high school into college, I tended toward the path I had seen lived out by my family, and I served the church. I volunteered, I took pictures, I went on trips, and I led students. After college I got the chance to work at First Baptist Church Owasso, helping with video, print, audio, and tech. I worked for Apple as well and eventually moved out to Little Rock to help open an Apple store. Social media alerted a friend from college that I was out this way and Kirk Meyers invited me to come to his church. I showed up on Sunday and saw that Brandon Barnard, someone I knew from Summit Camps of years past, was preaching and knew I had pretty much hit the jackpot with churches I could be a part of. A couple years later a spot opened up on the video team and I hit the jackpot again!

Hope for Fellowship

That we would continue to proclaim the name of Christ to the world, that we stay rooted in the truth of the scripture, that we would never cease to advance the kingdom through creativity, sacrifice, and love.