Bob Keltner


Bob Keltner

Life Story

We often talk about “coming to Christ” in our faith journey, but looking back I am much more aware of how Christ came to me. In every circumstance, I can clearly see how God has put me in the right place at the right time, always giving me the relationships and resources that I have needed for every season.

I grew up in Little Rock where my family attended Trinity Methodist Church. As a child, I often spent the whole Sunday school hour crying under the table, but despite that rocky start, I made a decision to follow Christ in a confirmation class at the age of 13. Even though Jesus drew me in with a strong sense of His community, I had a very simple undeveloped faith, and I often struggled with framing my life with a worldly definition of success.

After college, I moved to California to attend architecture school. A friend convinced me to help him lead music in the college group of First Presbyterian Berkeley, which is where I ended up meeting my wife. I found myself surrounded by a strong evangelical community where people took seriously the idea of living out their faith.  This was a great time of growth for me because I learned to practically apply God’s principles to all aspects of my life. First Presbyterian was also a great teaching church, and I was able to expand my understanding of the Gospel and theology.

A few years after Amy and I got married, we moved back to Little Rock to be closer to parents and to start a family of our own. We quickly landed at Fellowship Bible Church because we could see it was a place that was modeled on the church from the book of Acts. We loved the way that Fellowship focused on equipping its members to be servants for Christ and not just being the social church that is so common in the US.

God has blessed us at Fellowship by giving us an amazing place to raise our family.  Through the community groups, Bible studies and Men’s Fraternities that I have been involved in, I have learned about leading my family in humility and trusting God’s plan above my own. One of my favorite ministries at Fellowship over the years has been leading worship for pre-school and elementary aged children with Fellowship Kids. Jesus tells us to receive the kingdom of God like a child, and I love seeing the innocence and transparency that children bring to worship.

The story of my life is a constant reminder to me of God’s grace and sufficiency.  Despite my worldly and selfish tendencies, He has blessed me with relationships and communities far beyond what I could ask for or imagine. My past experiences make me realize that the faith that I have is completely the work of God and not at all from my own effort.

Hope for Fellowship

I am always fascinated by the fact that God doesn’t need us in order to accomplish His purposes, and yet He invites us to be a part of His work of serving others and making disciples. My hope for Fellowship is that we would be a place where people can connect personally with God and join His workforce both in our community and around the world.