Bodie Nance

Maintenance Engineer

Bodie Nance

office: 501-224-7171

Life Story

I grew up in Bryant in a “normal” home where my dad was the spiritual leader and my mom rarely attended church. At the appropriate age of 13, I went through confirmation class and accepted Christ as my personal savior. The early years of my walk with Christ were quite unremarkable, however, and it would have been hard to convince anyone I was a Christian.

At the age of 22, I was asked by a friend if I would like to fill a spot on a YoungLife college ski trip. I eagerly accepted not knowing that my world was about to turn upside down. I had been pursuing a dream of running in the Olympics for the past three years. I was making great progress. My mileage had climbed to 100 per week and my race times were coming down. I was beginning to win races but something was wrong, there was no fulfillment. The closer I got to my goal of the Olympics the more empty I was inside. It was at that ski camp where I met Craig Loibner, the area director of YoungLife, a real man who had a real relationship with God. God moved in my heart and on the fourth night of camp during 20 minutes alone. I sat on a rock, looked up at the heavens and told God I would do whatever He wanted me to do. I never raced competitively again and less than a year later I started a YoungLife club in Bryant.

I used the same intensity I had in running to spread the gospel to high school students. As a result of fully committing my life to God’s calling, I began to experience what life was meant to be. God had filled the hole in my heart that running never could. Later God blessed me with the woman of my dreams, my wonderful wife Debbie.  We have three beautiful daughters Dani, Jessie, and Mary. We’ve also been blessed with two sons-in-law and two very special grandsons, Levi and Cason. Together Debbie and I have faithfully served Fellowship Benton in many areas over the years and we will continue to passionately pursue whatever God calls us to do.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is that as a community of Christ followers we would be devoted to the scriptures, passionate about serving God and our community while reflecting the image of God to a world that desperately needs His saving grace.