Dale Fuller


Dale Fuller

Life Story

I was born and raised in Little Rock, along with three brothers and two sisters, to a hard-working, loving mom and dad. Our family owned a multi-generational feed and hardware business, and we were all taught a solid work ethic early in life. While attending Little Rock’s First Baptist Church, our home church, I made a profession of faith at age eleven. Our family attended church every Sunday morning; however, outside of that time, we rarely discussed spiritual matters. We were a decent and moral family, but devotional time and Bible reading were felt to be private.

In 1967, on the first day of college at UALR, I met the one who soon became the love of my life… a beautiful, godly young woman, named Judy Laman. We married three years later and were blessed with three fine sons, Jon David, Bryan, and Robert. During our early married years, we both pursued my medical career with great enthusiasm, and after medical school and residency in obstetrics/gynecology, we opened a private practice in North Little Rock, where I practiced for 36 years with Judy as my office manager.

During the early practice years, Judy and I both felt uneasy because God’s will was not primary in our lives. We attended several different churches trying to fill the emptiness, but without success. Our lives began to change when we found Fellowship in 1983. We attended Discovery and joined a very committed godly Community group. As we committed ourselves to reading and studying the Bible, being encouraged by incredibly powerful teaching by our three pastors, and the accountability required by our new Christian friends, we became focused on God’s grace and sharing His love to others. Through the years, it has been a blessing to serve in several ways at Fellowship, including Traffic ministry, Fellowship Kids, Fellowship Student Ministries, and D Group leadership.

Becoming an elder is perhaps the greatest honor of my life.  My deepest desire is to keep Jesus at the very center of my being. May His will be mine.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is that we will always continue to increase our focus on the Gospel, and we will allow God’s word to control all aspects of our lives. May His amazing grace fill our hearts to the point that we cannot help but share the Good News with the lost—here and across the world.