Dee Brown


Dee Brown

Life Story

Little Rock has always been home for me, other than college at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, La. My parents raised me in the church ever since I can remember and I was saved at a young age. In fact, my grandmother’s journal notes the date that I was saved and the sermon notes from that service. I have been blessed to have a rich heritage of the Christian faith.

My wife, Kim, and I started attending Fellowship Bible Church in 2001 and have loved getting to know so many people here and learning how to become equipped to make an impact on those around us and to make disciples. I would say that I have grown more in my walk with the Lord while at Fellowship, than at any other time in my life. That is our hope for everyone who comes here.

We have raised our three daughters, Lauren, Kaitlyn and DeAnna Grace here.  Just a few years ago Lauren traveled with me to Guatemala and now serves on the Missions team at Fellowship. Later, Kaitlyn made the trek to Rwanda, Africa. Who knows what countries DeAnna will be able to visit! Our discipleship and missions teams at Fellowship truly provide more equipping and more hands that engage us as Christ followers at a whole new level.

During an intense time of being discipled and learning the verse, “Everything that does not come from faith is a sin,” the Lord impressed on me to launch an engineering consulting firm and to this day, He continues to call me to rely on Him for His provisions in our lives. We are walking by faith and trusting the Lord in the everyday circumstances of life.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is that everyone who comes to church here would be able to make friendships and truly meaningful connections with others who can disciple them and be close enough to speak truth into their lives. I was provided with some excellent resources and people that God used to change my life. To Him be the Glory in His church.