Donna Johnston


Donna Johnston

office: 501-224-7171

Where did you grow up?

I was born in California and lived all over the world!  My dad was in the Military and we lived in Japan, France, and England as well as California, Kansas, Ohio and finally Arkansas.

What was your first job ever?

My first job was in Real Estate. I started as an AA and then got my license to sell.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Fellowship?

I enjoy many things about my job as a receptionist at FBC but two of the best things are:  greeting the staff as they come in each day and helping to connect people with staff as they call or come in.

If you attended college, where did you go?

I attended college at UALR and received a degree in Elementary Education.

Tell us about your personal life! Family, hobbies, etc.

I am married and have one son. He and his sweet wife have two children and live in Rogers. I also have a special family here in Little Rock that I have “adopted” and they have six children that call me “Nana”! My favorite hobby is being a grandmother to all these kids! They bring so much joy into my life.

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite food is Fried Chicken!

When/how did you begin your relationship with Jesus Christ?

I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 19 years old. My high school friend was responsible for guiding and directing me to Him and I will always be grateful and thankful for her obedience!

What’s one thing about you that others would be surprised to know?

People might be surprised to know that I have a “life list”. The only people that know what a life list is are bird watchers!