Jason Merrick


Jason Merrick

Life Story

I had the privilege of being raised in Benton in a devout Christian home where there was a lot of value placed on the church and God’s word. Because of this, I was introduced to Christ at a very early age and had an active part in the church. Perhaps the only downside to such an upbringing is that it also equips a person with all of the tools needed to simply look the part of a Christ follower. It was really not until my teenage years that I heard Christ’s call toward a deeper relationship. It was then that God’s grace started to overwhelm me and surpass the simple church language and behaviors that had defined my journey to that point. This awakening to God’s amazing grace changed the course of my life. God gave me a passion for His Word and a love for worship.

I attended college at Ouachita Baptist University where God broadened my view of His church and deepened my faith. He allowed me to live out my passion for worship and music through ministry during those years. It was also where He introduced me to my beautiful wife and partner, Kristi. It was during college that God confirmed my call into the practice of medicine, which would direct my course for years to come. After college, Kristi taught music in Cabot public schools while I finished medical school and residency. Even during that busy season, we continued our involvement in the local church through music ministry and teaching. It was in these years that God blessed us with Hannah, Harrison, and Hudson.

God continued to teach us more about His unconditional love and to deepen our understanding of grace. He continues to evolve our understanding of what His church should look like. The start of Fellowship’s campus in Cabot played a pivotal part in our journey. As I learned more about Fellowship, I saw a church that was not trapped inside four walls but mobilized into the community and world for the sake of the Gospel. God provided the opportunity to again be involved in worship leadership and called us to help launch the Cabot campus. During these past several years at Fellowship Bible Church, God has continued to refine our view of grace and of His Church. It has been incredible to see God at work in this setting. He has used Fellowship to help strip away legalism and tradition that were prioritized ahead of God’s defining grace and His purpose for the Church.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is that our mission never changes. My hope is that we are a church with an ever-growing passion for the riches of God’s Word. My hope is that we are a church whose worship is in spirit and truth and proven through sacrificial living. My hope is that we are a church of disciple makers that won’t stop until the whole world hears the gospel. Even as we change and grow, may that which brings God glory be our only measure of success. Amen!