Matt Gross


Matt Gross

Life Story

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family living in Missouri and later moving to Arkansas. I came to faith at an early age but really started to grow in my faith later, around my college years. Jennifer and I began attending Fellowship Bible Church in 1999 and were immediately impacted through small group discipleship and various opportunities for equipping and serving.

When Jennifer and I moved to Little Rock and started at Fellowship in 1999 we did not know many people at the church. We got connected with a small group and pretty soon, this big place started to become a lot smaller to us as we got to know people and make friends. This began a time of spiritual growth for me through equipping and teaching through Fellowship and other resources. God started to give me an understanding of the doctrine of man’s depravity and the sovereignty of God; God used a Romans study to really grow me in this. Next, God started to open me up to the understanding that all things exist for God’s glory and this being the ultimate purpose of man and all things. More recently, God has been growing me in grace and understanding. That it is by His grace that we can do anything and that is by His design for His ultimate glory. To me, nothing glorifies God more than His grace.

Since being at Fellowship, God has blessed me with many opportunities to serve, mentor, evangelize and disciple. Some of those opportunities have been through leading small groups, mentoring and teaching in Fellowship Kids, Fellowship Student Ministries, STEP, men’s ministry, prison ministry, community outreach service opportunities, a mission trip to Central America and many more.

I am grateful for what God has done through Fellowship in the lives of many people and am thankful for His continued work in our lives.

Hope for Fellowship

My prayer for our church body is that we would continue to grow in living by God’s grace in all that we do. And through growing in grace and knowledge of God, we would see and believe that His grace is sufficient for whatever He calls us to do. I pray that we will all grow in love for God and people. I also pray that God’s love is perfected in us (1 John 2) as we abide in Christ so that we love and worship Him and love others the way He calls us to in His word; all the while growing in the realization that this is all for His glory.