Paul Svoboda


Paul Svoboda

Life Story

I grew up in the small farming town of Carlisle. In this rural setting, I learned the value of hard work, honesty, integrity, and the importance of family. My parents were great role models and set an example of the importance of regular Sunday church attendance for our family. Growing up, I attended the local Catholic church. From baptism as an infant to confirmation as a senior in high school, I fulfilled the steps of spiritual growth in the Catholic faith. These steps taught me a deep reverence for the church and church history. As an 18-year-old leaving for college, I believed in God but did not have a personal relationship with Him. My faith at that time was a fear of God that consisted of an attitude of works for approval.

This began to change when I moved to Arkadelphia to attend Ouachita Baptist University (OBU). OBU is where I was first introduced to and surrounded by people who were “different” and lived out their faith in everyday life. I have to admit, I was a slow learner, but over time I began to realize and understand that what made some people “different” was their true and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I also met my wife, Becca, while in college. I’ll never forget the Easter she gave me a personalized Bible. It will always be a treasure that reminds me of such a special time in my life, learning more about Him through His word. Since the day we met, Becca has been an amazing influence on my spiritual walk and growth in Jesus Christ. I accepted Christ at the age of 21 and really began to understand having a personal relationship with Him. It was a joy for me to make a public declaration of faith and be baptized in the church where we were married.

After college, Becca and I were married and we made our home in Little Rock for me to start medical school. After visiting and attending a few local churches in the Little Rock area, we found our way to Fellowship Bible Church in 2001. We treasure so many relationships we have established at Fellowship and are thankful for the wonderful friends we have made through the years.  Especially those we have shared life within our D Groups. We have also been blessed with three amazing children: Olivia, William and Ann Katherine. In 2010, I met Mike Boschetti who invited me to join a men’s discipleship group he was leading. His teaching ignited a passion in me for multiplying disciples for God’s Kingdom. I am a continual work in progress, but I am confident that God is molding me into the husband, father, physician, son, and friend that he designed me to be.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship Bible Church is that we would be a light in a dark world. I pray we continue to preach the Gospel message here at home and across the world, pointing to God’s saving and amazing grace. I hope this community of believers will continue to raise up leaders in sound wisdom and teaching to continue the multiplication of God’s great work for his kingdom.