Rick Hatfield


Rick Hatfield

Life Story

I am a native Arkansan, a graduate of the University of Arkansas, and member of Fellowship Bible Church for about 15 years. I have been happily married to Barb for 20 years, and we have three daughters: Kate, Emma Claire, and Caroline

I became a Christian as a young boy at the age of eight. I was raised in church – faithfully attending and participating in my local church. I was always active in Christian summer camps, church youth groups, and as I got older organizations like Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I ran in Christian circles. I was often told that I was a “good guy” and I wanted to believe it. But there was an interesting dynamic going on. Although I knew I needed a Savior, I only understood Jesus as Savior for my salvation and justification. I didn’t understand how Jesus and the Gospel related to my everyday life. In other words, I recognized that I needed to be saved from my past sins, but I thought deep inside me that I had to “work real hard and be very good and moral” to keep myself clean and in good standing with God. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think hard work and moral living are bad things, but they are not ultimate. So, with that understanding, whenever I would fail in some area, or sin in some way I felt a tremendous amount of defeat inside.

By God’s grace, I have been learning the truth about my need for a Savior beyond my justification. I now know and understand that the Gospel is what fuels my life (my walk with Christ, my sanctification). What I am learning is that I brought nothing to the table, but rather God did all the work. He showed me my need for a Savior, He supplied the grace required to save me, He still supplies the required grace for each day, and all along God looks at the finished work of His Son when He looks at me! Mind-blowing…I am His adopted son!

The Bible is the truth. Jesus does love you. Our nature is to forget that. It takes an effort to follow and believe. But it is not our effort that saves us. As Paul Tripp likes to say, “You talk to yourself more than anyone else… I hope you have a good solid theology that you are preaching to yourself!” Let the Grace of God fuel your efforts.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship Bible Church is that we become a community of believers who know the Scripture, and as a result of that knowledge our lives are transformed into the image of Christ. As a church may we always rely on the Grace of our Lord to lead in all areas of life. May we rely daily on the finished work of Christ as our power source!