Rory Yates

Discipleship Pastor

Rory Yates

office: 501-224-7171

Life Story

My story is one of God’s faithfulness in the small things for a long time. I grew up in Ft. Wayne, Ind. in a religious home that didn’t actually know or need Jesus. God used my parent’s response to some of my struggles in Junior High to move us all from trying to earn God’s favor to possessing it by grace through faith.

Seeing some desperation in my life (because seventh grade is a desperate time) my folks sent me to a Christian sports camp they heard had been good for the children of their friends. It was at that camp that I first heard of God’s unconditional love for me, and that Jesus, not my good actions, was my hope and rescue from all things. I didn’t understand much, but God used those two weeks to press into me the fact that I needed Him and that He could save me. My prayer was simply, “Jesus, help.” And He did. Seeing the change in my life after camp, and concerned that my “trusting Jesus” meant their 12-year-old was moving toward joining a cult, my parents began asking real questions of people at our church at home, which lead to their trusting in Jesus as well.

God’s been faithful in the decades that have followed, changing me to rescue me from deep insecurity through confidence in His unconditional love, comforting, changing, and restoring me through brutal professional failure, and redeeming me out of seasons of deep clinical anxiety and depression. In it all, I’m daily becoming more convinced by experience that in every day in any season Jesus is more than enough and is better than anything else.

It’s a truth I’m finding reinforced as I’m working out being a husband, dad, friend, neighbor, and pastor. It’s the good news for me in the struggles and joy of the present and the hope that counters the anxieties of the future.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is for all of us who call Fellowship our church family to all see we share in the work of ministry both to one another and to a city Jesus, Himself, has sent us to.