Shelby Smith

Care Pastor

Shelby Smith

office: 501-224-7171

Life Story

Even as a child growing up, I felt a desire to do what God wanted me to do even though I did not understand entirely what that meant. At 18 I heard a clear presentation of the Gospel and gave my life to the Lord. In college, I became involved with Campus Crusade and began to understand the meaning of being led by the Spirit. I learned the importance of discipleship and community and that people are much more receptive to a Gospel lived out than a Gospel shouted out. As I have tried to follow God’s leading in my life, I am being transformed  I am not yet what I would like to be but thank God I am not who I use to be. I am still in the process of becoming what Christ would have me to be.

Fifteen years ago I was working with Urban Strategies Foundation, an organization supported by Fellowship. While interacting with Bud Finely, a long-time FBC member, he connected me with the Missions Department, and I was subsequently hired as a Missions Project Coordinator, focusing on connecting Fellowship to service opportunities in the inner city of Greater Little Rock. I served on the Missions Team for 11 years, before joining Bill Parkinson as a pastor in SageWorks.

My greatest joy in ministry is loving people and helping the Church take care of them.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for fellowship is that God would move upon our hearts to pursue outreach opportunities within our individual areas of influence that opens doors for us to share the hope we have in Christ. In doing so not only would we be transformed, but those whom God brings into our sphere might also experience the transformative power of Christ as well.