Steve McConnell


Steve McConnell

Life Story

I grew up in Christian home in central Arkansas. The Lord blessed me and my siblings with parents who were faithful to pursue Christ in their personal walks and lived out their faith within our home, church, community, and workplace. While I was at church every time the doors were open, it took a while for my faith to become my own. I knew a lot about Jesus growing up in church but didn’t have a personal relationship with Him. As a high school student, God revealed to me my desperate need for the Savior and Lord of my life through the redemptive work of His son, Jesus.

As my faith journey has progressed over the years, God has graciously used various relationships, circumstances, trials, and difficulties to grow me. He’s been revealing the true affections and motivation of my heart, exposing the idols that I have a tendency to cling to God didn’t give His grace to make my kingdom work. He gave His grace to invite me to a better kingdom (Matthew 6:10). Day-by-day, grace is becoming less of a theological buzz-word to me and more of a functional lifeline. God is daily, stirring me to repent and believe in the One whom He sent, Jesus Christ (John 6:28-29). He stirs me to loosen the grip on my own kingdom and sets my heart on His. He is teaching me the now-ism of the gospel…the right-here, right-now benefits of the grace of Christ (Titus 2:11-14). 

God, in His sovereignty, brought me back to Little Rock and introduced me to Fellowship Bible Church during the fall of 1998 after graduating from college. God blessed me with a Christ-centered community of men and women within the church to share life with unlike I’d ever experienced before. I joined the church shortly thereafter. Within this original group, I met my wife, Kristen, and some other life-long friends. Kristen and I married in 2001 and God has graced us with three wonderful children: Cade, Anna, and Haley.

I have been actively involved in our church since joining Fellowship. It has been a great joy to serve the body through the ministry of Fellowship Kids, Fellowship Student Ministries, various adult small groups, and as an Elder. God also stirred within me as a young adult the importance of discipleship and mentoring. He has placed older men in my life to disciple me over the years as well as bless me with the ongoing opportunity to disciple men and students.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is that we can be a church that continues to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, resting in the one true gospel, preaching it to ourselves and the world around us over and over again. I pray that we feed our souls on the realities of the presence, promises, and provisions of Christ. I pray we attach our identities to the unshakable love of the Savior, finding our deepest sense of well-being vertically in who we are in Christ because of His perfect and completed work on the cross.