Steve Snider


Steve Snider

Life Story

I grew up in a Christian home mostly in Pine Bluff and Arkadelphia and accepted Christ as my savior at an early age. Life just never seemed to make any sense to me without the presence of a loving God who made it all … that there’s more than just the here and now. I believe that the best things in life, things like meaning and hope and love, were born of something bigger and deeper than some cosmic accident.  My faith and hope are in a loving God who desires a relationship with me and who sacrificed His son to overcome my unworthiness in relation to Him. My main love growing up was playing sports, all of them, and much of my early spiritual development resulted from strong relationships with teammates and mentors who both encouraged and inspired me in my faith.

My faith journey went to a new level when my wife, Beth, and I joined Fellowship Bible Church in 1990. We had never been part of a church that challenged us and encouraged us in our faith like Fellowship did – the teaching, the community, and the inspiring vision, being equipped to share the gospel, being challenged and equipped in authentic manhood, being challenged to serve the world. It was transforming for both of us at that time and continues to be today.

My career journey began with a desire to be a football coach. So, naturally, I got an MBA and a law degree and then practiced law and worked in the insurance industry for 10 years. Now, I’ve returned to being a coach of sorts as an owner and president of D1 Sports Training and Therapy, co-founder of Life CHAMPS Youth Sports and president of Fellowship Associates, a non-profit organization focused on gospel-centered influence and leadership. At FA, our team focuses mainly on developing young leaders to plant gospel-centered, culture-changing churches and fostering the Authentic Manhood movement that points men to Jesus as both their hope and their example in the context of everyday manhood. I have a beautiful wife, Beth, and three kids I couldn’t be more proud of Jack, Chase, and Shelby.

Hope for Fellowship

That we’ll be a true community of people who love God with all of our hearts and share God’s grace with each other and the world in a way that brings Him glory and makes Him proud of us.