Tad Pruitt

Life Story

I grew up in a typical middle-class Texas suburban family, the oldest of three kids.  Though our family would eventually break apart, the early years were a classic Bible-belt 70’s upbringing with piano, baseball, birthday parties, church on Sundays and ketchup sandwiches in my lunch box (okay, maybe the lower middle class).

In fifth grade, I went through “confirmation,” a class and process that led to baptism. Having no reason to doubt or disagree, I was “confirmed” in my faith and baptized.  Later, a more Gospel-based explanation of life and faith turned on a brighter light bulb for me, “so that’s what all that meant?” Over time, God would use many friends, mentors, pastors, and family to grow me in grace. Though I’ve had moments of distraction and rebellion, the overall trajectory for me has been to a deeper understanding and acceptance of what it means to follow Christ, as opposed to just being a Christian. To see how God uses what He puts in me and what He puts me through. That’s true “confirmation” that the Gospel is real, that it redeems and that Grace trumps all!

I met a girl named Kimberly in the seventh grade, started dating her at the end of high school and married her four years later after my first year of medical school at Texas A&M. We moved to Arkansas and I became an orthopedic surgeon. As our family grew, God used parenting four kids in the midst of cultural change to teach us much about His grace and to grow us up and together and to show us what His Kingdom can look like.

We plugged in at Fellowship Bible Church in 1990 and have been amazed to see God use us with young married couples, parenting, church planting, leadership, teaching and discipling.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship Bible Church is that we all will fully embrace the Gospel as our only hope, our best choice, and our greatest joy. That we will be people constantly on the lookout for the prequels and sequels of grace all around us; and, that we will love God’s ways and His word so much that we will fully embrace our mission to make disciples.