Thommy Scott


Thommy Scott

Life Story

While I consider Northeast Alabama home, because that’s where both of my parents were raised and where all of my extended family still resides, I grew up as the son of a preacher and moved throughout the southeast, living in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. I compare it to a military lifestyle as the longest we ever lived in any one place was no more than three years. Growing up in a Christian home is definitely something I am now very thankful for and owe much to their godly parenting.

However, the thing that had gripped my heart from early on and that kept me from really knowing, trusting and having peace in Him was legalism. I thought, for most of my young life and on into my adult life, that I had to earn His grace, His love, and His approval. Through much help from my wife, Ashley and a few godly men who had the courage to speak into my life, God’s Spirit began to break down walls that had taken years to build, and to transform it into one that began to understand that I could do nothing to merit His grace and love and approval. I have since begun to understand that my life is not a journey in pursuit of God, but rather of God pursuing me. My motive for wanting to please Him and honor Him should not be so that He will love me, but because I am already so loved by Him.

My family and I came to Fellowship Bible Church in April of 2009 after a pretty long search for a church home in Cabot. We found, at Fellowship, a church that spoke truth into our lives, challenged us to take that truth and let it change us more into His image, and a place that stressed the importance of living life together as a church family and not individuals.

Hope for Fellowship

My hope for Fellowship is that we will continually come to a better understanding of what it means to be the “bride of Christ” in our world and that “church” isn’t something we do or someplace we go, but rather it is the core of who we are.